The Great Scone Debate: A Nation United - Bistrot Pierre

The Great Scone Debate:

A Nation United

Jam or cream first?

The answer to the great scone debate answered at last…

NOTHING sparks as much debate as the quintessential afternoon treat, the scone – particularly the order of cream or jam. The Cornish method being to go for jam then cream, while the Devonshire fashion is to layer the scone in cream before adding jam. Fortunately, we put the question to the nation!

Ét voilá – and the people have spoken! Through a survey of more than 2,000 people, we’ve settled the debate once and for all with just over three quarters agreeing with the Queen, reaching for the jam before the cream! Our survey revealed that a whopping 76% enjoy their scones jam first and the remaining 24% choose the cream first option.

Those living in the north of England are most likely to apply their jam first, with four in five choosing the popular method. Whereas people are more closely divided in the south, where one third of people opt to layer cream before their jam.

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