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Keeping You Safe

Bistrot Updates

How we’re keeping you safe

We’re delighted to be able to open our doors once again and welcome all of our lovely customers back into our Bistrots – we’ve missed you! We want to give you the Bistrot experience you know and love, whilst ensuring a safe environment for yourselves and our teams, so as well as complying with the Government’s guidance we will also put in extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Please read below to find out more on the steps we’re taking to keep you and our teams safe.

Opening & Menus

Phased opening

We will be opening our bistrots gradually to ensure that everything is done right for your return. Keep your eyes peeled on our website, social media and emails for our official reopening dates!


We will currently be offering one all day menu featuring your favourite dishes and popular bistrot classics. Our menu includes a Prix Fixe offering where you can enjoy two/three courses for £12.95/£14.95, available every day, 12pm to 6pm. Our menus will be disposable so that you receive a new menu when you arrive, we will make sure that these are recycled when disposed of.

Our Bistrots

We have completed a COVID-19 risk assessment in line with Government guidance which has been shared with our teams and reviewed regularly. These include:

– Having cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures as well as available hand sanitiser stations throughout our bistrots.

– We have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace and where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everything we can to manage transmission risk.

As well as this we have implemented extra safety precautions in order to minimise risk:

– We have reviewed the layout of our bistrots and will have fewer tables to ensure sufficient space to allow for social distancing and where possible will implement a one-way system.

– Your tables will not be laid up before your arrival, cutlery etc will be supplied on request.

– The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, including tables, chairs, switches, door handles, push plate doors, toilets, hand towel dispensers, taps, mop handles and all used equipment will be increased.

– We support the NHS Test and Trace and will aim to keep records of customers through the booking system. The lead bookers contact details will be retained on site for 21 days.

Our teams

As well as providing vital training for our team members, including re-training on correct hand washing procedures, we are reducing the number of people each of our team members will come into contact with by using ‘fixed teams’ and encouraging employees not to turn up and finish at the same time. We’re helping to achieve this by adopting a more flexible approach to time and attendance. All team members will wear mandatory face visors and any team members who are displaying symptoms or pre-symptoms of COVID-19 will be excluded from the workplace.

Bookings and Payment


We currently have no bar area available, so with this in mind please arrive within a -5/+5 minute window of your booking time to avoid delays and overcrowding. Please note that due to the government guidelines we will only be accepting tables of up to 6 people, if you book multiple tables we cannot commit that these will be next to each other.


Currently card payment is preferred, and we will be introducing an order and pay app which will allow our customers to order food and pay using the app.

What can you do to help?

During your visit we respectfully ask that you remain mindful of the social distancing guidelines, especially when entering, leaving and visiting the restroom. Where possible, please try and avoid public transport on your way to our bistrot, and if you are displaying symptoms or pre-symptoms of COVID-19 please do not visit our bistrots.

Last updated: July 2020