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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (the ‘Terms’) apply to all Club Pierre Rewards cards (the ‘Card’). The Terms govern your use of any Card that Bistrot Pierre (‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) issues to you, and to your use of the Club Pierre mobile application (the ‘App’). Your use of and/or registration of the Card or the App shall constitute acceptance of these Terms.

T&Cs apply: 1. This offer entitles you to our Rustic Garlic Bread for just £1.50 2. This offer is valid until Wednesday 13th April 3. This offer is only available with the purchase of a main meal. 4. This offer is only available on presentation of a registered Club Bistrot Pierre card or app. 5. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer or Club Bistrot Pierre reward. 6. Manager’s discretion applies. 7. Bistrot Pierre reserves the right to amend or alter the offer at any time without prior notification.

1. Your Club Pierre Rewards Card is provided to you by, and remains the property of, Bistrot Pierre. Bistrot Pierre reserves the right at all times in its absolute discretion, and without notice to you to decide not to issue new Cards. Bistrot Pierre will notify you using the email address you have provided on registration, in order to provide you with notice of its intention to amend these Terms and your continued use of the Card will constitute acceptance of such amendment.

2. You may only use a Card once you have successfully registered it. To register your Card please visit https://bistrotpierre.co.uk/club and follow the instructions.

3. You will only be eligible for registration if you are: (i) a resident of the UK; and if, (ii) you are over the age of 18. Once registered your Card may only be used in the United Kingdom (‘UK’) and it remains your responsibility at all times, please treat the card as you would cash.

4. Application for a Card allows you to earn Points on that Card in accordance with these Terms. The only exception to this is if your Card number is also registered in the App, which means that you can collect Points by means of both the Card and the App, on one account. Only one Card will be issued per registered account.

5. The Card is a loyalty card and is not and cannot be used as any form of credit card, guarantee card, or used to your prove age or identity. The Card carries a barcode which is exclusively used to collect points and redeem rewards.

6. The Points on the Card are non-transferable and they may only be used at Bistrot Pierre bistrots for your own use.

7. The App is offered as part of the Club Pierre Rewards Scheme and is only available on compatible mobile phones – you will need to own a smartphone with a connection to the internet and with either an iOS or Android operating system in order to download the App and register yourself with the App to use the App. Your use of the App will be on the basis of these terms, the data you supply in registering and using the App will be stored and used in accordance with the Privacy Policy available at www.bistrotpierre.co.uk/privacy-policy and the terms and conditions of the end user licence agreement (‘EULA’) available at https://www.bistrotpierre.co.uk/club/EULA that they are supplied with.

8. The App will allow your compatible mobile phone to display a barcode, particular to you, which may be used to collect Club Pierre points and redeem rewards and offers.

9. To download the App visit www.bistrotpierre.co.uk/club and follow the instructions on the site, you will only be able to download the App if you have an active and accessible account at either the Android or iOS app stores.

10. You will only be able to eligible for registration if you are: (i) a resident of the UK; and, (ii) you are over the age of 18. Once downloaded and registered, you are able to use your phone in the same way as you would your Card. Please note that: downloading the App may incur standard data download rates, please contact your service provider for more details.11. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Bistrot Pierre accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by you in connection with using the App, including without limitation, in relation to any transmission delays, failures of the App, damage to any mobile phone, data message delays or any other technical difficulties beyond its control.

12. Bistrot Pierre reserves the right to block any user of the App at its discretion in the event the user is not complying with these Terms.


13. When joining Club Pierre Rewards we ask that you give us a valid email address and the consent to contact you on this address, as the credit of your welcome offer and any future bonus points of offers will only be added when the associated email notification is delivered successfully. This is to prevent fraudulent use of Club Pierre Rewards.

14. By consenting to receive emails you will receive emails from Club Pierre Rewards and Bistrot Pierre.

15 .We will send you regular communications about your account via email (e.g. notification of your points balance, rewards earned, exclusive offers, changes to terms and conditions)

16. Details of how to unsubscribe from receiving emails from us are included in each email.

17. After registration either online or in the App, your account will be activated straight away.

18. Club Pierre Points (‘Points’) may only be collected by eligible applicants, and: (i) by means of the App – when the registration form validly completed and the App is fully downloaded onto a phone; and (ii) by means of a Card, immediately without a Card being registered, but Points cannot be redeemed until the Card is fully registered via completing the application form on the website available at https://www.bistrotpierre.co.uk/club

19. Where a Card or App is registered, Points will be earned for every £1 spent when purchases are made in the UK. A list of what points equate to what offers is kept up to date and available on our reward list here – only the list that is available online shall be applicable to any redemption of points.

Points equate to the following:
750 points = Glass of house wine or pint of beer
900 points = Starter or dessert
1,250 points = Our popular steak frites
1,350 points = Breakfast with a hot drink or afternoon tea for one

1,500 points = 2 course Prix Fixe lunch

1950 points = Bottle of house wine or an evening main course

2350 points = Afternoon Tea for two

20. When a loyalty reward is redeemed, deductions will be made in whatever order Bistrot Pierre sees fit, for example: the most expensive qualifying drink on the bill may be deducted or the lowest price food item on the bill may be deducted. Customers are not able to choose which items are deducted from the bill.Not all items on the menu can be redeemed for points, some items are exempt. These items are highlighted on the Reward List. Where an item is included and a supplement would normally be paid, the item can be redeemed but the supplement must still be paid.

21. Rewards including alcohol (free drink or bottle of wine) may only be redeemed when ordered in conjunction with a main meal.

22. Rewards cannot be redeemed against special event menus such as Valentines, Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, Bastille, Christmas, Soirée Gastronomique or Dîner et vin. Rewards cannot be redeemed during December or on New Year’s Day.

23. Only one barcode, either on a Card or on the App, can be presented per person to either collect or redeem points at any one time. For the collection of Points, the bill can only be split equally between two customers on the same table, so a maximum of two cards can be used to collect points per table.

24. A reward and an offer cannot be redeemed during the same transaction.

25. Club Pierre Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with our historic stamper card program which has now expired.

26. Points will only be awarded on the purchase of Bistrot Pierre food and beverages within Bistrot Pierre restaurants. Points will not be awarded to purchases made via Deliveroo.

27. Points will not be awarded on gift card purchases and may not be used to purchase gift cards. However, points may be collected on gift card redemptions.

28. You must have sufficient Points to claim any reward claimed in full. You may not make part payment for a purchase using redeemed Points.

29. Bistrot Pierre will endeavour to notify you of changes to these Terms and to its reward scheme using the email that you have provided within your registration, however Bistrot Pierre reserves the right to change the amount and value of Points awarded at any time, as well as the Reward List, without notice should that be necessary. However, all Points collected up to the date of the rate change can be redeemed in accordance with these terms and conditions.

30. Points can only be added or redeemed upon presentation of your barcode, either on the Card or by means of your downloaded App when paying for a transaction. Please note that Mon Pierre Rewards Points cannot be redeemed until you have registered your Card in accordance with clause 2 above.

31. Where the Cardholder fails to present the QR code / Card for any transaction, Points cannot be awarded retrospectively.

32. You can check the Points balance in your Club Pierre Rewards account at any time online, in the App, in any Bistrot Pierre bistrot or by sending an email to clubbistrot@pierre94.co.uk. We will keep a record of previous transactions to ensure that this balance is correct at all times.

33. Club Pierre Rewards Points cannot be exchanged for cash, as they have no cash value. Once redeemed the Points cannot be used again. Points can only be earned, held and redeemed by eligible users as set out in these Terms and Conditions. Any Points obtained or used otherwise than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will be invalid and cannot be redeemed.

34. Entirely at our discretion, additional Points and /or rewards may also be added to your account or additional Points may be awarded for certain purchases. Any terms and conditions associated with the use of such Points will be emailed to you separately and your collection of them will constitute acceptance of such additional terms.

35. Points are personal to the individual card holder and cannot be pooled with Points earned by another individual. Points may only be pooled in circumstances within which a physical Card’s number is added to the App at the point where the App is first downloaded and registered. In this instance, the Card and the App will share a Card number and both can be used to collect Points on the same account.

36. If you lose your Card or if it ceases to work for any reason you may apply to Bistrot Pierre and Bistrot Pierre may, at its sole discretion, agree replace your Card and, once you have registered your new Card, transfer any Points already collected on it to the new Card, thereafter the original card will cease to work but if you find it you now agree that you will send it to Bistrot Pierre at the address below. If you lose your mobile phone or the App ceases to work, the App can be re-downloaded and providing you re-register with your original email address your Points will be transferred to your App, however Bistrot Pierre will not be liable for any errors should the points not be transferred.

37. Bistrot Pierre shall be entitled to create special promotional items but will in its sole discretion set a limit on the number of Points which may be awarded to each Mon Pierre Rewards account in respect of special promotional items on which additional Points are awarded. Such points and rewards will only be credited to a Mon Pierre Rewards account on the successful delivery of a valid email address.

38. Bistrot Pierre shall be entitled at any time to cancel Points awarded if the relevant products to which the award of such points relates should they be returned or cancelled for any reason and a refund of the purchase price is given.

39. Should you be in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or if we suspect that you are engaged in fraudulent or other criminal activities relating to use of your Card or App, or if you supply false or misleading information to us on registration or should we have any other reasonable objection to your continuing to collect Mon Pierre Rewards Points, then Bistrot Pierre may, on notifying you, forfeit all of your accrued Points, and/or suspend your right to collect and/or redeem Points and terminate your account.

40. You may automatically be sent email notifications of when a reward has been added to your account. If you have downloaded the App and have accepted to receive push notifications, you may also be sent push notifications to advise you that rewards have been added to your account. You may also receive email notifications from us about your Points balance.

41. Any unused points will expire 12 months after they have been earned. Expired points cannot be transferred to a new card or redeemed or reinstated.

42. You have the right to cancel your Card at any time by returning it to the Marketing Department. If you cancel your Card you will lose the right to redeem all unused Points. If you wish to cancel your Card you must send an email to: clubbistrot@pierre94.co.uk.

43. These rules are governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Club Bistrot Pierre is operated by Le Bistrot Pierre Limited, Company Number (03496444) with registered address at: Marketing Department, Le Bistrot Pierre, Milton Chambers, 19 Milton Street, Nottingham. NG1 3EU. If you have any questions about these Terms or which to write to us for any reason, please contact us at the following email address: clubbistrot@pierre94.co.uk

Complimentary Veuve Devienne or Cuvée 94

1. You must have joined Club Pierre Rewards and your account activated at least 8 days before your birthday to qualify for the birthday offer.

2. The birthday offer is valid a week either side of your birthday.

3. The birthday offer cannot be redeemed with any other offer, including the redemption of points.

4. A minimum of 2 people must have 2 courses each to qualify for the birthday offer.

5. A bottle of Veuve Devienne is offered with Evening and a bottle of Cuvée 94 with our Prix-fixe lunch and Early Evening menus.

6. The birthday offer cannot be redeemed on Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day, Beaujolais or Bastille.

7. Subject to availability.

8. The recipient must be over 18 years of age and proof of age may be required.

9. This offer cannot be redeemed with any other offer and is only available on presentation of a registered Club Bistrot Pierre card.

Complimentary Champagne – Currently unavailable

1. You must have joined Club Pierre Rewards and your account activated at least 31 days before your birthday to qualify for the birthday offer.

2. A bottle of Brut Baron de Marck is available to any member of the scheme reaching a milestone birthday (30, 40, 50,… 100) providing their date of birth is entered as part of their account details.

3. This offer is added to their account 30 days before their birthday and available until 2 weeks after their birthday.

4. A minimum of 4 people must dine in order to receive this offer.

5. The birthday offer cannot be redeemed on Valentine’s Day, Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day or Bastille.

6. Subject to availability.

7. The recipient must be over 18 years of age and proof of age may be required.

8. This offer cannot be redeemed with any other offer and is only available on presentation of a registered Club Bistrot Pierre card.

1. This offer entitles you to a complimentary Pornstar Martini, Chambord Cracker cocktail or Apple & Raspberry merry-jito mocktail.

2. Valid until 9th December 2021, when you order a main course.

3. One offer equals one cocktail or mocktail.

4. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer including Club Bistrot Pierre offers and rewards.

5. Offer is only valid on the presentation of the Club Bistrot Pierre card or app that contains the offer.

6. Subject to availability.

7. Manager’s discretion applies.

8. The recipient must be over 18 years of age and proof of ID may be required.

Updated: June 2021

Le Bistrot Pierre Ltd

Registered office address: Milton Chambers, 19 Milton Street, Nottingham, NG1 3EU

Company registration number: 3496444