Frequently Asked Questions

To use your Club Bistrot Pierre account, you must have your barcode that is assigned to your account scanned by a member of staff. Please present at the end of your meal. Make sure you are checked-in to the Bistrot to reveal your specific exclusive rewards for that Bistrot.

Don’t have an email address nor want to use our app, click here for more detail.

The new scheme is completely different to the old Loyalty Scheme we had. Points no longer exist as such, they are now Bistrot Pounds which enable you to spend on any food and drink items of your choosing. Previously you were limited on what you could use Points on and had to have a minimum of 800 points to redeem. On top of the Bistrot Pounds you will receive daily and monthly offers.

For more information about our new reward scheme please click here.

You will receive 5% cashback every time you dine with us. For every £1 spent when you visit us, you will receive 5p to then redeem off your next visit. For example, for every £100 you spend, you will receive £5 cashback.

Your Bistrot Pounds can be spent on any of your favourite food and drink items in our Bistrot’s.

You are unable to spend your Bistrot Pounds on service charge, rooms, gift cards and deposits.


Your Bistrot Pounds won’t expire providing you visit us at least once every six months. This means you can save your Bistrot Pounds for a special occasion or spend them as you wish. Simply scan your App each time you visit.

If you presented your app during your visit and your Bistrot Pounds have still not been added please email with your account number, receipt and the Bistrot you visited and we will investigate this for you. Please note we can only add any Bistrot Pounds to an existing account.

Bistrot Pounds can be earned at all times in the restaurants, on all menus (including set menus). Bistrot Pounds cannot be earned on service charge payments, gift card purchases, room bookings or other non-food and drink items.

Bistrot Pounds cannot be redeemed on Christmas Day. Bistrot Pounds cannot be redeemed on service charge payments, gift card purchases, room bookings or other non-food and drink items.

Your offers have an expiry date of one month. Please note you are not able to use these in conjunction with your point cashback.

To redeem an offer or discount you must show your membership barcode to your server. The offer will then automatically be removed from your account if it is a single use offer. You are only able to redeem one offer at a time. Please check our terms and conditions for further information. Click here.

To redeem your Bistrot Pounds simply show your membership barcode to your server. You can either redeem your total balance or your bill total. Once redeemed, your account will automatically update with your new Bistrot Pounds balance. You are unable to use your cashback as a service charge payment.

Bistrot Pounds and offers cannot be redeemed in conjunction of one another.

It can take up to 24 hours for our Bistrot Pounds to appear on your account. If you have any issues then do contact us on and we will look into this further for you.

We automatically transferred your active points to the new scheme and will display when you download the new app. That means you’ll get 5% of your purchases in the 12 months before you download as ‘Bistrot Pounds’ to spend on whatever you like.

Are you new to Club Bistrot Pierre?

Search for ‘Bistrot Pierre’ in your app store and click download. Once downloaded, then click on sign-up and follow the process.


Are you a current app Club Bistrot Pierre member?

Open your app store and click on update next to your Club Bistrot Pierre account. This will then change to our new app. Click on sign-in and then click on forgotten password. Enter in your registered email address and follow the process.


To Download:

Apple Users

Android Users


Not an app user? Don’t worry, email us at and can arrange a new card for you. You must have an email address.

For us to offer this new and improved scheme, we would prefer all members to use our app. Therefore, our physical card scheme is no longer available to use. In order to get your points from your card in the new scheme, you must have previously held a registered Club Bistrot Pierre account.

Every month we will surprise you with personalised offers and rewards to redeem in our Bistrot’s. This can range from a complimentary drink to discount off a main menu. We will send you an email when a new offer is on your app; so, make sure you have opted into our marketing emails so you don’t miss out!

Opt in today by clicking here.

You are able to split the bill and points earned between your table. You will only receive points for the portion of bill that you pay for.

If you denied location permission you can enable them following the below process:

Apple Users:

Open your mobile settings. Find your Bistrot Pierre app. Click on Location and either click while using the app or ask next time or when I share.

Android Users:

Open your mobile settings, Click on Location (location requests). Find your Bistrot Pierre app. Click on allow only while using the app or ask every time.

Do you use a VPN on your device? If so, please turn it off. Uninstall the App, then reinstall and go to sign in/forgotten password and follow the instructions. Your code should then be emailed (please check your junk).

To find your VPN on your device:

Apple Users:

Open your mobile settings. Click on General – VPN & Device Management and then VPN.

Android Users:

Open your mobile settings. Click on Connections – more settings and then VPN.

Apple & Android Users:

Open your Club Bistrot Pierre app.

Click ‘add to wallet’ – this is above your Bistrot Pounds image. Then click ‘add to apple or google wallet’.

This will automatically show on your wallet.

You can then tap your phone via your wallet instead of opening the app.